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"Family First"

Almost two years of weekly interview with top family and lifestyle experts, first heard on VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel

On Family First, you’ll hear about all aspects of family life. What could be more important than your family’s health and relationships?

Our show will bring you experts from around the world who can offer new ideas to help you find the easiest, most effective, and most fun ways to promote your family’s well-being, whether it’s balancing home and work, your child’s schooling, or getting chores done, or any other family challenge. I have helped people with diverse topics, from how teenage moms can still have a future or how warring sisters can let go of anger to how the family of Terry Nichols could deal with the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Our experts are from many different fields, from the USA, Germany, New Zealand, and elsewhere,  and may be well known or newly emerging as authorities in their fields.  

    "Randy Rolfe is an exquisite radio host, with a passion for putting families first.  She has tremendous insights about parenting, family, and living a life of balance, along with a passion for sharing them! I recommend Family First Radio and Randy Rolfe." Charmaine Hammond, International Speaker and Best Selling Author.

    Thank you, Randy—especially for asking what I think were highly relevant questions and then giving me the time to respond in some detail. You seemed to be genuinely interested in hearing what I had to say, rather than using me as a stimulus to make whatever points you wanted to make. Thanks also for reinforcing some of my key points with your own examples, which gave the listeners a break from my ramblings. I pictured the audience as overhearing a conversation between two friends, rather than listening to a single speaker, and that felt much better to me. You provide a great service.” Peter Bergson, Author and Co-Founder of Open Connections.

The main focus of Family First is on minimizing the likelihood of problems arising in the first place. We emphasize how the little choices you make each day, as a parent, spouse, child, relative, or friend, can have big effects over time. Whether it’s talking about tough issues with your partner, handling an angry child, getting health or financial advice, getting your child to eat better, losing weight, or finding fun ways to relax, this is the place to come for a helping hand.

Family First is broadcast live every Friday at 1 PM Pacific Time (2 pm MT, 3 pm CT, 4 pm ET) on the VoiceAmerica Health & Wellness Channel, at http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/1916/family-first. Family First is also archived there for later listening, and for download, podcast, MP3, apps, bookmarking, and more. You can also access archived shows by clicking on the show you want below. More will be added soon but meanwhile over 60 shows are available at the above link. Thanks for listening! Please scroll down to find great wisdom.

  ""Unschooling and How Children Learn Best"
with guest Robert E. Kay, MD, psychiatrist, former Medical Director of the Center for Child Guidance, writer and advocate for home education and natural parenting.

  "Forgiveness in the Family: When and How?"
with guest Philip Friedman, PhD, psychotherapist, author of "The Forgiveness Solution: The Whole Body Rx for Finding True Happiness." 

  "Overcoming Eating Issues and Lifestyle Blocks"
with guest Alice Baland, psychotherapist, dietician, hypnotherapist, life coach, and author of  "Eat Up the Good Life." and other books on healthy living.

  "Creative Tips for Finding Life Balance"
with guest Sharon Weinstein, MS, CRNI, RN, FAAN, international nursing trainer, author of Nursing Without Borders, B Is for Balance, and Workplace Wellness.
 "What Makes Your Child Love Reading?"
with guest Constance Abell Baranzano, President of C. Avery Brookes, author of the children’s book, Sea Breezes, Salt Air, Adventures with the Bunny Cousins.
  "Do Our Children Have Nature Deficit Disorder?"
with guest Ellen Haas, educator and co-author of Coyote's Guide to Connecting to Nature, with Wilderness Awareness School's Jon Young and Evan McGown.
  "When and How Should a Child Have a Tutor?"
with guest Neil Haley, CEO of Total Tutor, an international birth through college tutoring and consulting company, and host of "Total Tutor," online radio show.
  "How Small Changes in Your Home Environment Reap Big Rewards in Improved Family Relationships," with guest Denny Daikeler, interior designer, author, speaker, and author of What Color Is Your Slipcover?
  "What Pets Can Mean to Your Child"
with guest Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and The Cat Bible, and host of two weekly live radio programs.
  "Why Kids Need the Creative Arts"
with guest Kimberley Rayevsky, owner, Rolling River Café, Gallery and Inn, with her husband Rob, an accomplished children’s book illustrator whom Kim assists.
"When Your Child Needs More: Special Education"
with guest Tanya Alvarado, Esq., an attorney experienced in helping parents to find what resources are available under the law and how to navigate the process.
  "The Four Nutrition Secrets that Could Help Save Your or Your Child's Life," with guest Susan Silberstein, Executive Director, Center for Advancement in Cancer Education, since 1977 after her husband died of cancer. 
"5 Key Activities for Preparing Kids for Back-to-School" with guest Brenda Mott, the founder of Smart Mom University, an online resource for moms, and an experienced elementary schoolteacher.
  "Environmental Awareness for Kids - Without Scaring Them," with guest Dawn S. Mazzone, a sustainability advocate, educator, social entrepreneur, and former communications specialist for Fortune 500 clients.
  "How to Teach Your Child the Other Kind of Smart"
with guest Harvey Deutschendorf, author, The Other Kind of Smart: Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Personal Effectiveness & Success.
  "More Mothers Starting Home Based Businesses"
with guest Julie Tara, founder of Quantum Leap International, a multi-million dollar home based business, helping people world-wide with their wellness.
  "Can You Clean Your Home Without Using Toxic Chemicals?" with guest Vince Elliott, Founder and CEO of The Chemical Free Cleaning Network, and author of Extreme Green Cleaning.
  "Real Solutions for ADHD and Learning Disorders"
with guest Dr. Albert Forwood, doctor of chiropractic, certified in Functional  Neurology and founder of the Brain Balance Center in Wayne PA.
  "How to Heal from Childhood Pain"
with guest David Lockridge, Pastor, Founder and Executive Director of ACE Overcomers, helping people heal from adverse childhood events.
  "Be a Safety-Aware Consumer"
with guest The Honorable Nancy Steorts, former Chairman of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, author of Your Home Safe Home and other books.
  "The Importance of Fathers"
with guest Greg Bishop, founder in 1990, now Head Coach, of Boot Camp for New Dads, with over 260 Camps in communities across the nation and world.  
  "Lifestyle Changes That Are Worth It"
with guest Roger Drummer, Diplomate of Chinese Herbology (NCCAOM), nutrition lecturer, supplement formulator, and personal nutritional consultant.
  "Make Your Child's Job Interview a Success"
with guest Joel Quass, management expert, author of Good Management Is Not Firefighting, and trainer at NJ Department of Labor One-Stop Career Center.
  "What's With Today's Weddings?"
with guest Father Paul Mayer, called to officiate at hundreds of weddings, after over half a century of leadership in peace and justice causes, still doing so today.
  "Can You Bully-Proof Your Child?"
with guest Rich Kohler, co-producer of the movie: "The Journey of the Steal-Proof Master," trainer in self-defense, child abduction safety, and bully avoidance.
  "Help Your Child Be Naturally Thin"
with guest Jean Antonello, RN, author of How to Become Naturally Thin by Eating More;  Naturally Thin Kids; and Breaking Our of Food Jail.
  "Out of the Closet With Senior Romance"
with guest Timothy Carroll, author of Don’t Ever Give Up on Love, a "Senior Romantic," specialist in the pensions industry, and advisor to British expatriates.
  "Repairing Hearing Loss in Kids"
with guest Dr. Ellen Finkelstein, Chief Audiologist at East Side Audiology in New York City, and outspoken advocate for helping young people protect their hearing.
  "Anger Management in the Family"
with guest Carolee Risk, Director of Development Associates, educator and consultant, with over 25 years helping diverse people and groups to thrive.
  "Might Your Child Be a Right-Brain Learner?"
with guest Mark Halpert, educator and founder with his wife of the 3D Learner Center in Boca Raton, FL, helping over 2000 students from "Stress to Success."
  "Family Money Matters for a Prosperous Year"
with guest Thomas Weimer, financial advisor with 1847 Financial, previously with Acquisitions Associates, LLC, now specializing in objective, holistic planning.
"Make Your Food, Fitness and Feelings Work for You" with guest Mark Goodwin, certified wellness coach, certified personal trainer, executive chef, and posture alignment specialist.
"Keys to a Lasting Marriage"
with guest John Rolfe, co-author of The Affirmations Book For Sharing, author of America's First Entrepreneur, artist, attorney, and husband of host Randy.
 "Safe Dentistry"
with guest Dr. Donald Robbins, DDS, author of The Toxic Dental Office - How to Protect Yourself and Your Family.
"Why Homeschool?"
with guest
Peter Bergson, co-founder with his wife of Open Connections, 1978, an early education program, authors of Open Connections: The Other Basics.
 The Practical Side of Spirituality"
with guest Tony Samara, internationally known spiritual leader, student of Zen
author of Shaman's Wisdom and From the Heart. 
  "Making Your Home Safe from Toxic Chemicals"
with guest Vince Elliott, B.S., M.H.S., The Chemical Free Cleaning Network (CFCN), 40 years in cleaning management, author of Extreme Green Cleaning.
  "Triumphing after a Troubled Childhood"
with guest James KrehbielEd.S., LPC, CCBT
, therapist, author of Troubled Childhood, Triumphant Life:  Healing from the Battle Scars of Youth.
  "A Unique Process for Healing"
with guest
Dr. Susan Allison, PhD, transpersonal psychologist, author of 
Empowered Healer: Gain the Confidence, Power and Ability to Heal Yourself
  "How about Rethinking Everything?"
with guest Barb Lundgren, magazine publisher, founder and director of Rethinking Everything, an international conference now in its 16th year. 
  "Who Is Guarding Our Food Quality?"
with guest
Jim Turner, Esq., Swankin and Turner, advocate for natural health consumers with federal legislature and agencies, Chair of Citizens for Health. 
  "Never Too Early to Learn Wellness"
with guest Maryellen Murphy Ruggiero,  author and illustrator of
The Little Lotus Learns About Wellness.
  "Can Parents Get into the Zone?"
with guest Michael Mendizzafounder of Touch the Future, author of Magical Parent-Magical Child, the Art of Joyful Parenting, with Joseph Chilton Pearce.
  "The Value of Creative Arts in the Home"
with guest Helen Webber, creator of art for 100 public spaces, book author/film director of
Catch a Dreamer, with her tapestries illustrating children's rights. 
  "A Powerful Female Role Model"
with guest Patricia Ortlieb, descendant of Eliza Tibbets and co-author of
Creating an Orange Utopia: Eliza Lovell Tibbets & the Birth of California's Citrus Industry.
  "Help for the Adoptive Family"
with guest Kelly Ellison, trainer for nonprofits, adoptive mother, founder of Your Adoption Finance Coach.com and Gotcha Gift Registry.com. 
  "New Leadership Challenges for Youth"
with guest Stedman Graham, CEO of S. Graham & Associates, author of bestsellers You Can Make It Happen and Identity: Your Passport to Success. 
  "A Life After Death Experience"
with guest Dean Braxton, survivor of medically recorded clinical death, author of In Heaven Experiencing the Throne of God, minister, advocate in Juvenile Court.  
  "How to Protect Your Children from Phone Radiation"
with guest Shelly Kalnitsky, founder of the Cell Phone Radiation News Bureau, one-stop source for info on health effects of cell and cordless phones. 
  "Child-Rearing: Back to Basics"
with guest
Dr. Robert E. Kay, MD, psychiatrist,  former Medical Director of The Center for Child Guidance, advocate for child-led parenting and teaching.
  "What Parents Need to Know about ADHD"
with guest Sherry Torkos
harmacist and author of Saving Women's Hearts andThe Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.
  "The Challenges of Having a Family Business"
with guest Marie Maguire, business coach, family counselor, Caramanico Maguire Associates, co-author with husband Dan Caramanico of The Optimal Salesperson.
  "Resolving Anger in the Family"
with guest Jules Shuzen Harris Sensei teacher of Zen Buddhism, black belt in Japanese swordsmanship, and founder of Soji Zen Center in Lansdowne, PA.
  "Empowering Children through Their Heritage"
with guest Michelle Dirks, originator of Treasure House Press Curriculi, and author of Yummy Yummy in my Tummy and Mr. Hoppity’s Color Me Cookbook for Kids. 

  "How to Comfort a Dying Loved One"
with guest Penelope Mont,  hospice specialist,  author of
When Your Loved One Asks...What's Going To Happen To Me When I Die? and Then What Happens?
  "Keeping Kids' Summertime Healthy"
with guest Dr. Felicia D. Stoler, MS, RD, registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, author of Living Skinny in Fat Genes, Past Pres. NJ Dietetic Assoc.
  "A Unique Travel Adventure with Family"
with guest Stephanie DaleAustralian journalist and author My Pilgrim’s Heart: A Woman’s Journey Through Marriage and Other Foreign Lands.
  "The Resilient Family"
with guest James H. Lee, financial analyst and researcher on emerging trends, author of Resilience and the Future of Everyday Life.

  "Parenting in the Real World"
with guest Christina de Valencia, therapist, author of How to Create Passion, Spirit, Adventure in Your Life and The Truth about Parenting, Real World. 
  "How to Create Togetherness"
with guest
Cyndi Dale, co-author of Togetherness: Creating and Deepening Sustainable Love and author of The Complete Book of Chakra Healing. 
  "How to Reclaim Our Innate Health"
with guest 
Gina Loree Marks, a Shiatsu Practitioner and Co-Director of the Lionville Holistic Health Center.
  "Positive Touch"
with guest Eva Scherer, founder of Kids Love Massage Programme, Children Massaging Children Programme,  and Child Connection Trust.
  "Effective Family Health Management"
with guest Dr. Sharon Norling, MD, MBA, OB/GYN, specializing in Integrative Medicine, and author of Your Doctor Is Wrong
 "Transforming Our Relationships"
with guest Lisa Oz,
speaker, producer, writer, actress, and coauthor of six New York Times best selling books on well-being and relationships.
  "Making Every Move Count"
with guest Orrin Checkmate Hudson,  founder of Be Someone, two-time World Open Speed Chess Champion, and author of One Move at a Time.

 "Keep Kids Safe on the Road"
with guest John E. Langan, trafiic accident reconstructionist and investigator, former police officer, and founder and president of driveAWARE. 
  "Getting to the Cause of Anxiety and Depression"
with guest Dr. Jonathan Brower, sociologist and innovative therapist.   
  "Our Adrenaline Nation"
with guest Peter M. McCarthy, ND, author of Adrenaline Nation:  Chronic Stress is Ruining Our Health and Bankrupting Our Economy.
  "What Buy USA-Made Can Mean for You"
with guest Sarah Mazzone, RN, BSN, is editor in chief of Made in USA Challenge.com.
    "What Can The Dying Teach Us About Living?"
with guest Becki Hawkins, RN, author of Transitions: A Nurse’s Education About Life and Death.
  "What Peace Day Means for Family"
with guest Lisa Parker, co-founder of Peace Day Philly and Co-Chair of the CITIES Peace Team.

  "Making Divorce a Healthier Process"
with Cris Pastore, Esq., founder of Main Line Family Law Center.
  "Energizing Your Family’s Fall Season"
with guest Sherry Torkos, pharmacist and author of Saving Women's Hearts and The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.
  "Incorrigible to Incredible: Some Dog Lessons"
with guest Charmaine Hammond, conflict analysis expert and author of On Toby’s Terms and Toby The Pet Therapy Dog – and his hospital friends.
  "Helping Kids with School Struggles"
with guest Richard Selznick, PhD, author of School Struggles: A Guide to Your Shut-Down Learner's Success.

  "Natural Ways to Help Prevent Cardio Problems"
with guest Joseph Keenan, MD, researcher in preventative cardiology and award winner Outstanding Service Award by the American Geriatrics Society.
  "Radical Unschooling"
with guest Dayna Martin, author of Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun.

  "Recovering from Emotional Neglect"
with guest Dr. Jonice Webb, author of 
 Running on Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect.
  "Dealing with Parental Anger"
with guest Jude Bijou, psychotherapist and author of "Attitude Reconstruction: A Blueprint for Building a Better Life."

  "Drug Free Help for ADHD"
with guest Craig B. Wiener, EdD, author of "Attention Deificit Hyperactivity Disorder as a Learned Behavioral Pattern: A Return to Psychology.
  "Ending the Special Ed Stigma"
with guest Laura Reiff, teacher and author of "The Adventures of Naomi Noodles: The Wonderful, Amazing, Splendiforous Me."

  "Preventing Colds and Flu"
with guest Jonny Bowden, PhD, rogue nutritionist, consultant to natural products industry, and author of "The Great Cholesterol Myth."

  "Parenting Resolutions for 2013!"
with host Randy Rolfe, family therapist, nutritionist, attorney, theologian, and author of "You Can Postpone Anything But Love" and 7 other books on family.
  "Talking with Teens"
with guest Kyra Batte, life coach to teens, writer, trainer, performer, and media personality on overcoming teens' fears and building self-confidence.

  "Eating Your Way to Better Sex"
with guest Robert Fried, PhD, professor of biopsychology and neuroscience, author of "Great Food/Great Sex: The Three Food Factors for Sexual Fitness."
  "Why Powerful Men Risk It All"
with guest Terri Orbuch, PhD, The Love Doctor, researcher on landmark 25 year NIH study of marriage and divorce, author of several books on love and marriage.